Crew & Guide

The professional crew of the gulet will ensure the maximum comfort during your Blue Voyage and a guide on the board with his/her knowledge and expertise will give you an insider's historical view of Turquoise Coast.
Crew: Each of our crewed yachts is under control of professional crew including a highly experienced Captain, a cook, and either one or two shipmates depending on the size of the yacht. Crewmembers are experts in their fields and take great pride in providing a first class, friendly and hospitable service to their guests in the hope that their "Blue Voyage" with you becomes a long-held and treasured memory.

Crew accommodations and their private facilities are separate from those of their guests.
Guide: A seasoned tour guide provides innumerable benefits. Our expert guides travel on board to advise the crew and conduct your itinerary. In addition, they guide you along coastal pathways; at the tour sites, they share their vast archeological and historical knowledge, adding to the richness of your experience.

Guides are chosen for their great knowledge and organizational ability, for their relaxed and flexible attitude and above all for their good humor. With such an informed companion on board we know your "Blue Voyage" will be everything you dreamed it would be and perhaps much more!